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This provider is one of the most affordable, according to our research. 
Our Rating: Most Affordable

Best suited for newer cars and luxury vehicles, the CarShield Aluminum plan is designed to cover modern cars with complex electronic systems.

In this article, we’ll look at the CarShield Aluminum plan and discuss it’s cost, coverage, exclusions, period lengths and more.

To help you get the right coverage at the best price, we encourage you to get quotes from at least three different providers. To get started, visit the CarShield website or call (800) 563-2761 to speak with a representative.

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CarShield’s Aluminum Warranty Coverage

If you choose the CarShield Aluminum warranty plan, your coverage will extend to repairs for everything from the electrical system’s wiring and module to the radiator, the steering column and more. Notably, it is only one of two plans offered by CarShield that cover the wiring harness. Special roadside assistance services, such as the delivery of gas if you run dry and a battery replacement, are part of all CarShield warranty plans.

The Aluminum warranty plan from CarShield covers an extensive range of systems and components that could be impacted by onboard computer and electrical system issues. These range from the engine control module to the wiring harness and more. What are the specific systems and components that are included in the CarShield Aluminum warranty plan?

  • Air conditioning system
  • Fuel delivery components
  • Suspension system
  • Steering components
  • Wiring harness
  • Electrical module, wiring and components
  • Coolant system and water pump
  • Radiator
  • Brakes
  • Instrumentation panel
  • Factory audio system
  • Power windows
  • Navigation and GPS system
  • Ignition
  • Alternator

These are not the only benefits that you can enjoy when you invest in the CarShield Aluminum warranty plan. For example, in the event of an issue on the road, you may appreciate the fact that your plan comes with both winching and towing services. In addition, fuel delivery, battery replacement and tire replacement services are available. To round out the list of plan perks, you can make use of 24-hour roadside assistance and even door-open service if your keys are locked in the trunk or cabin. As is the case with all of the plan’s services and coverages, prior authorization is required.

Touch screen inside of a car.
The CarShield Aluminum plan is best for vehicles with complex electronic systems.

CarShield Aluminum Exclusions

While the CarShield Aluminum plan is comprehensive, it is not all-inclusive. This plan does not cover any expenses related to the powertrain and transmission. In addition, damages that can be attributed to racing, bad weather events, excessive filth and a variety of other factors will not be approved. You can get the full details about inclusions and exclusions for the CarShield Aluminum warranty plan by reading through your agreement?

The Aluminum Plan’s Warranty Period

CarShield focuses on selling robust warranty plans with affordable rates. Several flexible plan term lengths are available, and this gives you greater control over the cost of the plan that you are interested in. You can get firm details about the plan term lengths that are priced within your budget by requesting an online quote from CarShield.

The CarShield Website’s description of the Aluminum Plan. If you’re interested in how much the plan would cost for your vehicle, click the image above for a free, direct, and instant quote from CarShield.

How Much Does the Aluminum Plan Cost?

Some CarShield warranty plans cost as little as $99 per month. However, the cost of your plan will depend on the one selected as well as your vehicle’s age, mileage, make and model. You can request a customized quote for your CarShield coverage online.

The CarShield Diamond Plan can start as high as $130 for set period plans and can be as low as $100 for monthly payment plans, with down payments for set period plans costing up to $200. There is usually no down payment on monthly plans, as the down payment is usually paid on the first month. Also, for most Aluminum Plans, there will be a 100 deductible. CarShield also offers $50 and $0 deductible options. CarShield offers discounts for veterans, law enforcement officers, seniors, and new car owners. CarShield plans also come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Auto Repair Costs for Common Issues

Before deciding with certainty that buying an extended warranty for your car is in your best interest, you should consider the alternative. Would paying for an unexpected auto repair bill create unnecessary stress for you? Consider that AAA states that the typical repair bill has an average cost of approximately $600. Because repair bills arise unexpectedly and require prompt attention in many cases, it may not be surprising to learn that many people accumulate debt by charging these expenses to their credit cards.

Even if you can afford to pay an average repair bill, can you afford to pay for a more expensive repair bill with no advance warning? For example, replacing your car’s air conditioning system’s compressor unit could run up to $4,000. Many electrical system issues, suspension system repairs and work required on other systems can also tally up far above the $1,000-mark. While the cost of labor and parts will vary based on a variety of factors, you should have a plan to cover these expenses promptly when the need arises. This is where the true benefit of having a CarShield extended warranty comes into play.

Most Comprehensive
Typical Monthly Cost
$97 – $130
Typical Deposit
Best Service
Typical Monthly Cost
$150 – $187
Typical Deposit
Best Value
Typical Monthly Cost
$85 – $130
Typical Deposit

CarShield Aluminum Review

CarShield is only one of several warranty companies that offer extended coverage plans, so why would you choose this company over others? In addition to offering a variety of flexible coverage plans to suit various needs, CarShield excels in the quality of service it provides. For example, it strives to process all claims fairly and quickly. It also has several extra benefits, such as roadside assistance, that are included in all coverage plans.

We recommend the CarShield aluminum plan for owners of luxury vehicles, newer vehicles, or any vehicle that has complex electronics.

CarShield Reviews

If you are interested in learning more about all of CarShields plans, we’ve done a comprehensive review on all of CarShield’s offerings. Check our our CarShield Reviews to learn more.

You can find a copy of the CarShield Aluminum sample contract on the CarShield website.


While you cannot always anticipate when you will need to pay for car repairs, you can anticipate that you will be responsible for these bills at some point. A convenient solution for planning ahead for the inevitable is to purchase a CarShield warranty. CarShield offers a variety of warranty plans to suit various budgets and needs. The Aluminum warranty is one of CarShield’s more affordable plans, and it covers a wide range of systemsf, especially the electronics in newer systems.

Why Choose The CarShield Aluminum Plan?

Today’s vehicles are loaded with modern technologies and conveniences. While these features can elevate your time on the road, they can also wear out or break as you use your vehicle heavily over the years. In some cases, damage to these various features can be an inconvenience. However, many systems can impact your safety on the road and even your ability to operate your vehicle. Often, a vehicle’s various other mechanical systems require repairs from time to time as well. For example, as you continue driving your car, wear and time could have a negative impact on the steering column, the suspension system and more.

How Can The CarShield Aluminum Plan Give Me Peace Of Mind?

Unfortunately, making repairs to these various systems can be expensive. If you fail to make the necessary repairs promptly, however, excessive wear on other parts and systems can occur. One of the most significant challenges that drivers face when dealing with auto repairs involves paying for expensive car repair bills.

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