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A CarShield promotional image with the catchphrase "CarShield Cars Go Farther"
CarShield stands out for affordability, flexibility, and used car coverage. We rated the company 4.5 out of 5.0 stars in our CarShield reviews.

CarShield Reviews


Author: CCW Team

This provider is one of the most affordable, according to our research. 
Our Rating: Most Affordable

We rated CarShield 4.5 out of 5 stars and Most Affordable Car Warranty in our CarShield Reviews because of the provider’s low costs and flexible payments. This article is a comprehensive CarShield extended warranty review that evaluates CarShield’s cost, coverage, plans, claims process, and and customer experience.

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CarShield Warranty Reviews

CarShield extended warranties stand out by offering flexible plans and month-to-month contracts, but is this a good investment? To decide, we’ve taken a close look at CarShield’s coverage, price, and exclusions.

CarShield Extended Car Warranties

With 6 coverage plans, low or no deductibles, and several budget-friendly payment options, CarShield is our choice for Most Affordable extended car warranty.

If you’re interested in CarShield, you can click the button below for a quote, visit CarShield’s website, or call (800) 563-2761. To learn more about CarShield, read on!

The CarShield logo.

What Is CarShield?

CarShield provides extended car warranties for new and used vehicles. As an independent broker that operates nationwide, CarShield markets and sells vehicle service contracts and then works with another company (often American Auto Shield) for contract administration.

How Does CarShield Work?

CarShield’s extended warranties act as insurance against unexpected vehicle repairs. This protects you from paying for unexpected costs resulting from regular use, replacing large, unexpected charges with small, predictable ones.

CarShield Insurance

CarShield isn’t car insurance because car insurance only covers a vehicle’s accidental/collision damage resulting from accidents. While CarShield doesn’t cover repairs that occurred from these types of events, it covers common repairs needed due to normal use.

If you’re interested in how much the plan would cost for your vehicle, click the image above for a free, direct, and instant quote from CarShield.

CarShield Vehicle Service Contract

A CarShield vehicle service contract covers mechanical components, picking up where your manufacturer warranty left off. While VSCs are sometimes called “extended warranties”, this is a little misleading because they technically aren’t warranties. A CarShield vehicle service contract is an agreement to fix failing mechanical components within a time period..

About CarShield

CarShield was founded in 2005. In addition to a wide offering of 6 service contract options that includes specialized plans for ATV’s, Motorcycles, and RVs, CarShield provides around the clock roadside assistance, rental vehicles, and towing services. Flexible monthly plans are also available to fit your needs.

Information About CarShield

Having paid a billion+ dollars in claims and covered over a million vehicles, CarShield has been a major name in the industry for over 16 years. CarShield has numerous celebrity endorsements and has been featured on TBS, CNN, HGTV, and ESPN.

ICE-T at a fictional crime scene in a CarShield commercial.
ICE-T is one of many celebrity endorsers who’ve worked as a CarShield commercial actor..
  • How Long Has CarShield Been In Business? 16 Years.
  • Endorsements: Ernie Hudson, Ice T, Adrienne Janic, Chris Berman.
  • Plans: Offers 6 plans,
  • Number: 1-(800)-563-2761 
  • Website: CarShield.com Click Here For Quote
  • Address: 503 Pearl Dr., St. Peters, MO 63376

CarShield Cost

In this section we’ll look at everything related to CarShield’s prices, including average costs, deductibles, down payments, factors that affect pricing, and whether a CarShield warranty is worth it.

CarShield Cost Per Month

How much does CarShield cost per month? The CarShield monthly cost starts at $99 per month with a maximum payment plan of two years and the option either to pay up front or over time, according to CarShield.

CarShield Price Range

For both limited and unlimited terms, plans can be as high as $130 and as low $80 dollars a month. The $80 figure given at the low end of this range assumes combining the lowest coverage with regularly-offered discounts.

Does CarShield Have a Deductible?

Yes, most plans have a deductible, although the company also offers zero deductible plan options. In most cases, deductible costs depend on what warranty plan you sign up for, with higher tiers costing more.

A different promotional banner with the slogan: "CarShield Cars Go Farther"
Instead of expensive repairs, with CarShield you’ll only have a $100 deductible, or 0$ if you have a no-deductible contract. The low CarShield average cost is worthwhile for many.

CarShield Deductible

CarShield contracts offer no or low deductibles, with $100 being the most common deductible cost. All deductible options include $0, $50, or $100. If you have a deductible, CarShield will pay the repair shop directly, leaving you with a small payment that would’ve cost more.

Average Cost Of CarShield

The average cost of CarShield for most buyers is around $129 per month, with discounts and promotions that can lower costs to the typical $100/month. Along with the $100 deductible that you only when your car in serviced, you can also expect to have a $200 down payment.

How Much Does CarShield Cost Per Year?

Since most plans range between $80 and $130 per month and the typical deductible cost $100, our researchers have estimated that the annual cost of CarShield ranges from $960 to over $2000/year. These estimates figure in quotes we’ve gotten from CarShield (see below).

CarShield Prices

Below are CarShield’s cost for several vehicles:

PlanPeriodDeductibleDown PaymentPayment
Mid-Size Sedan
GoldUnlimited$1001st payment$99
2013 Luxury CrossoverPlatinumUnlimited$1001st payment$99
Mid-Size Luxury Car
Mid-Size Sedan
PlatinumUnlimited$1001st payment$99
2016 Compact
Diamond4 years/125,000 miles$100$295$100 x 18 months
DiamondUnlimited$1301st Payment$100
2013 SedanGoldUnlimited$1001st payment$99
DiamondUnlimited$1301st Payment$100
2017 TruckPlatinumUnlimited$1301st Payment$99
CarShield prices for various vehicle categories. CarShield monthly payments are lower for those with rolling coverage than the 24-month plan.

Is CarShield Expensive?

Recognized for affordability, CarShield’s prices are cheaper than competition. While the examples above are a good indication of pricing, your specific cost depends on the program selected and your vehicle’s mileage, model, make, age, mechanical issues, service history, and coverage status

Is CarShield Worth It?

Whether a CarShield plan would be worth it is dependent on factors like your vehicle’s dependability and your financial situation. Generally, it is worth it if you want peace of mind and/or cannot afford unexpected out of pocket expenses.

CarShield Quote

For a CarShield estimate, you can submit an easy online form or call CarShield. When we called, the experience was simple, had a hold time of less than one minute, and took 10 minutes. An online CarShield quote is faster.

Most Comprehensive
Typical Monthly Cost
$97 – $130
Typical Deposit
Best Service
Typical Monthly Cost
$150 – $187
Typical Deposit
Best Value
Typical Monthly Cost
$85 – $130
Typical Deposit

CarShield Discounts

CarShield offers multi-car discounts, which have the potential to save you thousands of dollars in repairs. CarShield also offers regular discounts for original vehicle owners, seniors, law enforcement, and veterans. It is common for discounts to lower a monthly price to $100.

CarShield Payment

CarShield offers the option to pay up front or over time, with installment options including rolling coverage or fixed periods with a maximum of two years of coverage. For the fixed period option, you can generally expect a higher down payment.

CarShield Monthly Payments

The most popular payment option for CarShield is the rolling coverage option, where CarShield pays covered repairs in exchange for a monthly fee and your coverage is renewed after making a payment. This makes cancellation easy, you can pay as you go, and continue coverage as long as you want.

CarShield Coverage

CarShield extended warranty coverage ranges from covering essential components to bumper to bumper coverage. CarShield provides a more comprehensive coverage than a standard OEM warranty. With a mileage limit of 200,000, CarShield coverage benefits new cars and high mileage vehicles.

What Does CarShield Cover?

Most cars, trucks, SUV’s and crossovers are eligible for coverage, provided you prove your vehicle has been maintained according to manufacturer recommendations. If your vehicle is modded, tell the CarShield representative.

With the company's mobile app and website, you can manage your CarShield account from multiple devices.
On the company’s website and app, you can get a CarShield quote, file claims, or login to handle any issues on your CarShield account.

CarShield Plans

Because everyone has different needs, CarShield offers plans for every coverage level. Ranging from affordable powertrain to comprehensive bumper to bumper contracts, CarShield offers 6 plans, including specialized offerings for high-tech, motorcycles/ATVs, and Spanish speakers.

CarShield Vehicle Protection Plans

Below are descriptions of the 6 CarShield plans:

CarShield Diamond Plan

Benefits newer vehicles and those looking to protect their investment and add coverage to/extend their manufacturer warranty. CarShield Diamond Coverage is a bumper-to-bumper plan similar to a factory warranty and is the most extensive plan closest to OEM coverage offered by CarShield. This exclusionary contract lists components not covered.

Coverage: Engine, transmission, drive axle(s), transfer case, air conditioner, fuel delivery system, fuel pump, starter, alternator, power windows, water pump, fuel injector, steering, suspension, brake system, electrical system, instrument cluster, GPS, factory radio, radiator, wiring harness, wear items, hoses, aesthetic parts, and belts.

CarShield Platinum Plan

Platinum is designed for higher mileage used cars and meant to address parts that wear down over time. This package is the highest level of inclusionary coverage offered by the company. For more info, check out our CarShield Platinum review.

Coverage: Engine, transmission, drive axle(s), transfer case, electrical system, cooling system, fuel delivery system, fuel injectors, fuel pump, starter, power steering, suspension, air conditioning, brake system, water pump, power windows, instrument cluster, GPS, factory audio, radiator.

A screenshot of a CarShield sample contract.
You can find sample contracts like this for all CarShield’s plans on the company’s site.
CarShield Gold Plan

With a focus on critical parts, CarShield Powertrain Gold is an enhanced powertrain plan that balances coverage with cost and benefits used vehicles with fewer than 100,000 miles in good condition.

Coverage: engine, drive-axle(s), transfer case, and transmission; air conditioning, electrical systems, fuel pump, fuel delivery system, alternator, starter, power window, and more.

CarShield Silver Plan

The CarShield Silver Plan is most cost-effective plan offered; designed to be affordable and cover the most important part of the carβ€”the powertrain; benefits those seeking simple, affordable coverage for the components that are fundamentally necessary to drive.

Coverage: transmission, drive axle(s), water pump, transfer case and all lubricated parts of the engine.

CarShield Aluminum Plan

CarShield Aluminum is designed for modern cars with complex electronics and computer-related components. Suited for newer and luxury vehicles, all vehicles with electronics benefit.

Coverage: navigation system, starter, air conditioning system, alternator, power windows, electrical system, instrument cluster, factory audio, wiring harness, engine control module, power seat control, GPS, navigations systems, LCD screes, gauges, instrument clusters, voice activation, sensors, cruise control, and more.

CarShield Specialty Plan

Best for vehicles where it can be difficult find coverage, contracts are available that cover essential components on motorcycles and ATVs. Specialty plans are comprehensive for the type of vehicles they cover.

A photo of CarShield MEPCO contracts. CarShield MEPCO is a partnership between the two companies.
Contracts administered by MEPCO. Not as well known as the American Auto Shield partnership, MEPCO CarShield is a prominent collaboration.

Coverage: engine, drive axle(s), transmission, fuel pump, starter, alternator, water pump, fuel injectors, steering, suspension, brakes, electrical system, factory radio.

What Repairs Does CarShield Cover?

Components covered:

*Silver *GoldPlatinumDiamondAluminumSpecialty
Drive Axleβœ“βœ“βœ“βœ“βœ“
Transfer Caseβœ“βœ“βœ“βœ“
Water Pumpβœ“βœ“βœ“βœ“βœ“βœ“
Air Conditionerβœ“βœ“βœ“βœ“
Fuel Delivery Systemβœ“βœ“βœ“βœ“
Fuel Injectorβœ“βœ“βœ“βœ“
Fuel Pumpβœ“βœ“βœ“βœ“
Brake Systemβœ“βœ“βœ“βœ“
Instrument Clusterβœ“βœ“βœ“
Factory Audioβœ“βœ“βœ“βœ“
Power Windowsβœ“βœ“βœ“βœ“
Wiring Harnessβœ“βœ“
The chart above shows the components covered and not covered in all 6 of CarShield plans. *Gold and Silver are CarShield’s powertrain coverage options.

What Does CarShield Not Cover?

Listed in CarShield’s contracts are 21 exclusions. Most are common in the industry:

  • Repairs performed without prior authorization.
  • Damage from a lack of maintenance.
  • Pre-Existing conditions.
  • Environmental damage, theft, vandalism.
  • Vehicle alterations/modifications.
  • Misuse of the car (racing or off-roading).
  • Wear-and-tear parts
  • *Oil leaks not a result of engine failure (Diamond & Platinum plans cover oil leaks).
  • Odometer tampering.

CarShield Mileage Limit

CarShield will cover vehicles with up to 200,000 miles. This high CarShield mileage limit separates them from competition in terms of used coverage and makes the company popular in this market area.

A brand icon for CarShield, the broker that sells CarShield vehicle service contracts.
CarShield vehicle service contracts are well known because the company’s iconic brand

CarShield 24-Hour Roadside Assistance

With CarShield, you won’t have to worry about being stranded, as all contracts include towing. Other benefits include:

  • Roadside Assistance: jumpstarting, tire changes, locksmithing, fuel delivery; anywhere in United States; 24-hours/day. $125 per breakdown; $500 maximum.
  • Towing: towing to a nearby facility; rates same as above.
  • Trip Interruption: daily meals at $150 max for the plan’s lifetime at $50/day for trip breakdowns.
  • *Rental Reimbursement: $280/ breakdown and $40/day in reimbursements for a rental car.

*Only in some plans.

CarShield Waiting Period

CarShield’s standard waiting period for coverage is 20 days & 500 miles after purchase, a policy designed to protect CarShield from a needed repair the customer knew about. When signing with CarShield, representatives can even take notes of your vehicles problems.

CarShield Cancellation Policy

If you don’t pay your monthly installment, your account doesn’t cancel right away. If this happens, make an arrangement via phone with CarShield’s payment department. This is important because claims cannot be paid for past due accounts and you only have a limited time to make a payment.

Just as important as the waiting period is the cancellation policy. If you aren’t happy with your coverage, CarShield has a 30 day money back guarantee where CarShield will refund your payments in full directly to your Visa or Debit Card.

CarShield warranty coverage advertisement with Chris Berman.
Longtime ESPN anchor Chris Berman discussing CarShield warranty coverage in a CarShield television commercial.

How to Cancel CarShield

If you wish to cancel your CarShield contract, you will usually be refunded 2 or more payments. To confirm your refund and intent to cancel, email info@carshield.com and they will wire the refund to your visa/debit card.

CarShield Claims

To make a claim, you can contact CarShield claims directly or customer service on weekdays. In order receive reimbursement, the claim must receive prior-authorization before the work is performed.In most cases, you can file claims online or over the phone.

Who Accepts CarShield?

Where Is CarShield Accepted? You can use your CarShield protection plan at any ASE certified dealership or repair facility in the US. This brings much flexibility for where you can service your vehicle because nearly every respected local facility is certified.

CarShield Repairs

Getting repairs done with CarShield is easy. Your mechanic will take care of the details with CarShield once you provide your coverage info. With coverage being paid directly to the repair shop, you only pay a deductible.

The prices for common repairs covered by a CarShield auto warranty.
Is CarShield worth it? It is if you want the peace of mind knowing that many repairs covered by a CarShield auto warranty save thousands of repair bill dollars.

CarShield Extended Warranty Review

We rate CarShield extended car warranties 4.5 out of 5.0 stars with the distinction of Most Affordable Car Warranty. CarShield has a wide coverage range, quality high-mileage coverage, and flexible payments.

How Good Is CarShield?

The most beneficial thing about CarShield is their wide range of affordable coverage offerings. CarShield excels with its month to month options, used coverage, Spanish contracts, and specialized plans. Additionally, CarShield’s powertrain protection is an industry rarity because it covers more than many manufacturer warranties.

CarShield Cost Reviews

With quotes as low as $80 and plans starting at $99, CarShield provides the most affordable extended warranties on the market. With that said, there are better providers in terms of claims process, customer service etc. While the coverage is good, CarShield cuts corners on customer service.

Is CarShield Worth The Money?

If you wonder “Is CarShield a good deal?”, the answer is yes if you want the peace of mind of a predictable budget, affordable coverage, and a reputable provider. CarShield especially makes sense for those who plan on keeping a vehicle for a long time and/or those who cannot pay for unexpected repairs out of pocket.

CarShield warranty company NASCAR race car.
Ross Chastain’s #4 CarShield warranty company car battling it out in a NASCAR XFINITY series race.

carshield.com Reviews

One of the most frustrating parts for customers is dealing with claims. Also, the sample contracts on CarShield’s website confuse many. On the other hand, CarShield does offer an app and has a smooth online payment system, allowing you to manage your CarShield account online.. All in all, while CarShield could improve their in-person customer service, the experience on carshield.com rates average.

carshield.com Coverage Reviews

While the customer experience on carshield.com is average, the company makes up for it with flexible coverage options, which allow you to be more likely to choose the most appropriate coverage level. Also, CarShield’s loose eligibility rules and specialty coverage options means they’ll cover many vehicles the competition won’t.

Is CarShield Good or Bad?

We didn’t give CarShield a 4.5/5.0 rating and recognize it the Best Value Extended Warranty for nothing. For some, it isn’t difficult to get past all the negative CarShield reviews online. The fact is, CarShield provides solid coverage and flexibility that more than makes up for areas where the company is lacking.

Pros And Cons Of CarShield

Because CarShield provides affordable/solid protection and doesn’t provide the best customer experience consistently, the company has a love-hate relationship with many. For this reason, instead of looking at CarShield reviews in absolutist terms like “good vs. bad”, perhaps deciding if the pros of CarShield’s program are worth it enough to you to want to live with the cons is the more worthwhile way to approach it:


  • Coverage for vehicles with lots of miles.
  • Wide Coverage range for various vehicles (motorcycles/ATVs).
  • More plans than many competitors.
  • You pay for repairs directly and get reimbursed to save time.
  • Affordability.
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance
  • Freedom To Choose Certified Repair Shop or Dealership
  • Transferability.
  • Spanish Contracts
  • Monthly Pricing
  • Unlimited Coverage Periods


  • Low BBB Rating
  • Customer Complaints
  • Limited Benefits Overall
  • Not All Plan Info Available
  • Inconvenient In-Person Quotes
  • Plans Difficult To Understand
  • Rental Reimbursement Not In All Plans
  • Long Wait Times Contact Agents
  • No Preventative Maintenance Offerings

CarShield Reviews And Complaints

CarShield has received mixed customer service reviews, with positive reviews on some sites and some bad reviews on the Better Business Bureau. After giving the company an F rating, BBB advises consumers to use caution when considering purchasing from CarShield because of β€œa pattern of complaints” about sales, advertising, denied claims, and customer service practices.

Screenshot of an example where users rate a CarShield commercial on Reddit.
CarShield Reddit critiques of the company’s advertisements is a hilarious trend. Like most platforms, the standards Redditors rate CarShield by are peculiar to the community.

CarShield Ratings

Over 7,000 reviews on Google give the company a rating of 4.1 stars. On Trustpilot, over 70% of reviewers rate CarShield as β€œexcellent”, with over 20,000 users rating CarShield at 4/5 stars or more.

CarShield Customer Reviews

While some of the biggest issues seem to be more about quotes than the service itself, we recommend doing your homework when considering CarShield.

Positive CarShield Comments

“Everything went great. CarShield is the best thing I could have done in my life to save money on car repairs. I’ve used it twice. It was a blessing.”

-Connie B. via BBB

“The representative that answered my call was very professional and explained the process and informed me regarding fees. I was very comfortable during the entire process.”

-Barbara B. via Trustpilot
CarShield Complaints

“Nothing more than a joke. They keep sending me solicitation emails and [I] am unable to unsubscribe despite having attempted to do so multiple times. I would avoid this company like the coronavirus.”

-Keith S. via BBB

“Refused to pay a claim until I paid for repairs [upfront]; after telling me they likely wouldn’t pay because the part that needed to be replaced wasn’t covered. I had the highest possible protection at the time.”

-Adam A. via Trustpilot
The usage of the celebrity CarShield spokesperson has the CarShield logo known nationwide.
CarShield’s logo has nationwide recognition due to the company’s marketing campaigns featuring famous CarShield spokesperson.


Highlights from of our CarShield review:

  • Rating: 4.5 stars.
  • Best for: Affordability.
  • Specialty Coverage: For motorcycles, ATVs, and high-tech.
  • Term Options: CarShield offers month-to-month contracts and fixed-term contracts.
  • Prior Authorization: You need prior authorization from an administrator before vehicle repairs.
  • Reimbursement limits: Limits for added perks like rental reimbursement vary.
  • Maintenance Requirement: You’re expected to follow the recommended maintenance schedule and may be required to prove it.
  • Transferability: You may be able to transfer the contract, especially if you were the original purchaser.
  • Deductible: Commonly $100.
  • Quote: Request a quote online or call (800) 563-2761.


Does CarShield Cover Catalytic Converter?

CarShield doesn’t cover Catalytic converters in its emissions add-on.

Does CarShield Cover Pre-Existing Conditions?

CarShield doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions.

Does CarShield Cover Brakes?

Brake pads and shoes aren’t covered. 4 CarShield plans cover brakes.

Does CarShield Cover Transmission?

Transmissions are covered in all CarShield contracts.

Does CarShield Work?

Yes, with CarShield, you have a trade-off for a slight dip in customer experience in exchange for well-priced coverage.

Does CarShield Cover Electrical Problems?

There are CarShield warranties available that cover electrical issues.

Is CarShield A Scam?

Common CarShield questions include: “Is CarShield legit; Is CarShield reliable; Is CarShield a ripoff; Is CarShield a good company etc. To these questions, we respond: CarShield is a legit company that has been in business for years and covered many people. Like many companies, CarShield excels in some areas and has problems in others.

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