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Author: CCW Team

Offers coverage for cars with over 100,000 mi. 
Our Rating: Best for High Used Cars

We rated CARCHEX a perfect 5 out of 5 stars in our CARCHEX reviews with the distinctions of Best Used Car Warranty and Best Service. This article analyzes the cost, coverage, service, and claims process for CARCHEX extended warranties, providing a thorough review of the company in order to help you decide if CARCHEX is the right choice.

CARCHEX Logo with 'A Smarter Way To Do Car...' slogan.
We rated CARCHEX 5 out of 5 stars.

To learn how much you would expect to pay for CARCHEX, simply visit this link or call a representative at (866) 736-4303 to speak with a rep directly. You can also visit below for a quote or read on for more info:

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If you sign-up now, you can receive $100 off. If interested, check out the image above for more details..
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CARCHEX Warranty Reviews

With 5 extended warranty plans that all come with extra benefits and are highly customizable, we recognize CARCHEX as Best for Used Vehicles and Best Service.


Based in Hunt Valley Maryland, CARCHEX has served customers for over 20 years, providing consumer assurance products like car warranties, pre-inspections, insurance, and financing in the automotive industry.

CARCHEX entered the market in 1999 as vehicle inspection company and purchased in 2003 by Entrepreneur Jason Goldsmith, who expanded the company to all 50 states. Goldsmith has been CEO since 2004 and has transformed the firm into a technology-enabled business that’s disrupted vehicle protection services.

Shortly after becoming CEO, Goldsmith expanded the company into the third-party car warranty market. Today, along with being a leader in automotive direct-to-consumer products and services, CARCHEX is among the largest and most experienced extended protection companies.

CARCHEX Warranty Overview

CARCHEX is an extended warranty broker that markets and sells vehicle service contracts for providers. To make sure customers get the best coverage and lowest rates available, the company leverages technology to deliver a “compete” model.

Along with being tech-saavy, the company promises “customer experience above all”, emphasizing consumer advocacy across the car owning process as a core value. A rarity, they have been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2009 and holds an A+ rating with the organization.

Chart of SUV repair costs that can be saved with a CARCHEX warranty.
Auto warranties save you thousands in vehicle repair expenses, as seen by the cost to fix an SUV, as shown above.

What Does CARCHEX Cover?

CARCHEX warranties cover repairs that are a result of mechanical failure or malfunction. They offer a wide range of coverage levels that can be adapted to all new and used vehicles (including hybrids), so its easy to find something affordable that meets your needs.

CARCHEX Coverage

With 5 coverage levels, periods that span from 12 to 84 months, and mileage eligibility ranging from 0-250,000 mi. CARCHEX has coverage for any vehicle. At the minimum, every extended warranty offered by the company is a powertrain warranty, which includes the essential parts (engine, drive axle(s), transmission, and related components) that make your car or truck run.

Coverage Period

Coverage is available for vehicles with up to 250,000 miles. With shorter timeframes available, the max coverage time is 10 years. Since plans aren’t renewable, some recommend choosing the longest term available.

CARCHEX Waiting Period

Coverage begins 30 days and 1,000 miles after you sign the contract. An inspection may be required for eligibility. These industry standard policies are in place to ensure the provider doesn’t pay for issues customers knew about before purchasing.

Sample CARCHEX vehicle service contract.
CARCHEX is transparent, allowing access to sample contracts.


From entry-level plans that cover drivetrain components to comprehensive bumper-to-bumper warranties similar to factory warranties, CARCHEX brokers policies to fit everyone’s needs. Contracts from different warranty providers at the same coverage level may differ on specific covered components. There are five levels of coverage spanning 16 distinct plans from several warranty providers. Their descriptions are below:

CARCHEX Titanium

This CARCHEX bumper to bumper plan is the top warranty available. With few exclusions, this package offers comprehensive coverage similar to new car warranties. There are 5 plans at this level with periods of 5-10 years. This plan is best for who want to extend existing coverage or are looking for long, exclusionary protection.

CARCHEX Platinum

As the second-best package and most comprehensive inclusionary coverage available, this warranty covers a part list of hundreds of stated components from all systems. Three tiers are available at this level, with terms from 5-10 years. This is great for those seeking balance between savings and thorough coverage.

This plan covers everything in the lower thee tiers plus stated components such as: suspension (ball joints, struts, mountings plates), enhanced technical components (solenoids and wiper motors), and heating components (radiator, mounting brackets, water pump, thermostat).

Bronze PlanSilver PlanGold PlanPlatinum PlanTitanium Plan
Front & Rear Axle
Transfer Case
Electrical Systems✓*
Air Conditioning✓*
Cooling System
Fuel System
Seals And Gaskets
Wear And Tear
Emission Components
Factory Navigation✓**✓**
All of the coverage tiers differ in which specific components are covered, as shown above.

This CARCHEX powertrain plus option is the company’s highest level of basic coverage, It covers many components for all major systems. There are 3 tiers at this level with coverage periods of 5-10 years, which is ideal for cars over 60,000 miles.

In addition coverage found in the two plans below, this tier covers steering components and braking parts such as backing plates, disc calipers, master cylinders, metal hydraulic lines and fittings, and braking system.


The CARCHEX Silver plan covers essential components. There are three tiers at this level for 6-7 years, benefiting vehicles over 100,000 miles needing coverage of all major systems.

Coverage: components related to the electric, fueling, and air conditioning systems such as the fuel pump, starter, alternator, relays, gauges, gas tank, switches, ignition coil, A/C compressor, condenser fan, and clutch.


This tier is designed to protect high-mileage vehicles from the most expensive repairs, covering major systems like the engine and transmission. There are two tiers at this level with at 5-6 year periods, a good choice vehicles over 150,000 miles.

Coverage includes: Engine components (pistons, main bearings and crankshaft, timing gear, valves, pushrods, connecting rods and bearings), automatic and manual transmission components, and front and rear axles (within differential housing, final drive housing, transaxle housing).

CARCHEX Warranty Plans

The chart below contains information about every CARCHEX warranty plan from all warranty providers:

AdministratorPlan LevelProgram NameMax Term
AllegianceTitaniumUltimate7 yrs.
American Auto ShieldTitaniumDiamond7 yrs.
CARCHEX Care by American Auto ShieldTitaniumTitanium Plus7 yrs.
CARCHEX Care by RoyalTitaniumTitanium7 yrs.
CARCHEX ConnectTitaniumComprehensiveRolling
Royal Administration ServicesTitaniumUltimate10 yrs.
AllegiancePlatinumPlatinum5 yrs.
American Auto ShieldPlatinumPlatinum5 yrs.
CARCHEX Care by RoyalPlatinumPlatinum7 yrs.
CARCHEX ConnectPlatinumPreferredRolling
Royal Administration ServicesPlatinumPremium10 yrs.
AllegianceGoldGold5 yrs.
American Auto ShieldGoldDeluxe5 yrs.
CARCHEX Care by RoyalGoldGold7 yrs.
CARCHEX ConnectGoldStandardRolling
RoyalGoldPreferred10 yrs.
AllegianceSilverSilver5 yrs.
AllegianceSilverSelect Elite5 yrs.
American Auto ShieldSilverPowertrain Plus6 yrs.
CARCHEX Care by RoyalSilverSilver7 yrs.
CARCHEX ConnectSilverPowertrain PlusRolling
RoyalSilverCentennial6 yrs.
American Auto ShieldBronzeBronze6 yrs.
CARCHEX Care by RoyalBronzeBronze5 yrs.
CARCHEX ConnectBronzePowertrainRolling
CARCHEX works with several administrators to provide superior service, top-notch coverage, and competitive prices. This figure shows all levels of coverage from every administrator that works with CARCHEX..

CARCHEX California

CARCHEX has 5 coverage levels available in every state, including. This is a rarity because few providers operate in California due to a strict legal environment due to strong consumer protection laws.

CARCHEX BMW Extended Warranty

CARCHEX is also a well known and popular warranty for car owners of this brand. While a manufacturer extended warranty requires you extend your coverage while still under your new car limited warranty, you can buy a CARCHEX extended auto warranty any time.

CARCHEX Exclusions

The following items aren’t covered:

  • Modifications: lift kits, custom parts, performance upgrades, etc.
  • Major Events: collisions, environmental damage, vandalism/theft, etc.(usually covered by insurance).
  • Exotic Cars Lamborghini, Ferrari etc.
  • Wear & Tear Items: tires, wiper blades, brake pads, spark plugs.
  • Regular Maintenance: tune-ups, oil changes, tire rotations, belt replacements.
  • Specialty: RV’s & ATV’s coverage
  • Neglect: repairs from failing to maintain a vehicle per manufacturer specifications.
  • A Pre-Existing Condition: repairs needed prior to purchasing coverage.

*Keep in mind that these exclusions are normal and some packages may have more exclusions.

CARCHEX benefits like roadside assistance, towing, rental cars, gas delivery, and trip interruption service.
The benefits above are included in every plan, which is a major plus if you are looking to get the most bang for your buck..

CARCHEX Roadside Assistance

The following are included in every plan:

  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance: : lockout services, fuel delivery, and flat tire changes.
  • Towing: reimbursements for what it costs to tow your vehicle to the nearest repair facility.
  • Rental coverage: reimbursements for a rental in the event of a covered repair.
  • Trip Interruption Assistance: reimbursements for meal expenses and lodging if your vehicle fails during a trip.

The max amount for benefits is usually $50. These provisions enhance all contracts and have amounts dependent on coverage tier, allowing for the flexibility to increase the standard reimbursement level and/or tack-on these features:

  • Key Fob Protection.
  • Emissions Coverage.
  • Coverage For Complex Electronics.

CARCHEX 'Certified' badge.
Rates are competitive, especially given such top-notch services and thorough coverage.

CARCHEX Warranty Cost

CARCHEX’s cost is based on things like the age, mileage, and condition of the car. In general, rates are competitive, as they leverages the resulting buying power from more sales to get even better rates over time.

How Much Does CARCHEX Cost?

CARCHEX extended warranty costs typically range from $180-$250/mo. You can get pricing quotes for cars with 36,000 to 125,000 miles.

CARCHEX Average Cost

The average cost of a CARCHEX extended warranty is $1,500 for a 5 year plan, or about 2 cents per mile of coverage. While the average price is about $1,200 to $1,500, your specific pricing depends on your plan, driving history, and car’s characteristics.

CARCHEX Deductible

An industry norm, the CARCHEX pays for covered repairs and all you pay is a small deductible (typically $100). With low costs overall and some plans with no deductibles, you can choose from a total of $0, $50, $100, or $200 options.

CARCHEX Auto Warranty Prices

Prices for several vehicle models are included in the chart below:

VehiclePlanPeriodMoney DownDeductibleInstallments
2016 Compact
Titanium +5 yrs. /125,000 mi.$3,070$0.$225 x 18 months
2015 Pickup
Titanium +4 yrs./125,000 mi.$3,440$0$250 x 18 months
2018 Luxury
Titanium7 yrs./125,000 mi.1st month’s
$100$190 x 18 months
Titanium5 yrs./125,000 mi.1st month’sinstallment$100$250 x 18 months
2018 Compact
Titanium5 yrs./125,000 mi.1st month’sinstallment$100$195 x 18 months
Titanium5 yrs./
100,000 mi.
$0$100$205 x 18 months
2016 Compact
Silver5 yrs./60,000 mi.$2,380$0$190 x 18 months
2018 Luxury
Silver6 yrs./100,000 mi.1st month’sinstallment$100$185 x 18 months
2015 Pickup
Silver5 yrs/75,000 mi.$2,470$0$190 x 18 months
2018 Mid-Size
Silver5 yrs./60,000 mi.1st month’sinstallment$100$190 x 18 months
Silver5 years/
75,000 miles
$0$100$166 x 18 months
Along with the influence of personal factors, prices vary by vehicle type and term, as seen in these examples. This should help you have a better idea for the amount you’ would pay to cover specific vehicles.


With affordable and flexible monthly payments, you can pay your bill with all major credit cards by phone, company website, or the Prism app. Payment options are paying as a lump sum or no-interest installments of varying periods. While packages that require more money are usually cheaper overall. In addition, there is also a multi-vehicle discount of $650 per contract if you pay in full.

CARCHEX Monthly Payment

The maximum payment time is a total of 24 months. There is also an 18 month option with higher payments. For some, upfront costs correspond with the first month’s installment.

CARCHEX Customer Service

While coverage, pricing, and add-ons are important when considering a warranty, customer satisfaction may be the most important factor. In this section, we’ll look at customer service, claims, and corporate policies.


The two options for getting a quote are phone consultations with a specialist at 1-(866)-736-4303 or filling out a quick online form with questions regarding your vehicle. When we called by phone, we went through an automated menu tree that took about a minute to connect before we spoke with someone from CARCHEX.

CARCHEX customer service reps are part of why the company stands out.
Online remarks listed from customers are impressive, as the company prides itself on customer service.

If you’ve been quoted by a dealership, consider calling to cross-check with a representative for accuracy. You will need to talk to a representative regardless, as this is the only way answer all your questions and get the most customized, accurate quote.

While this seems complicated, CARCHEX does the heavy lifting and guides you through the process, as their “No-Haggle, Low-Price Everyday Guarantee™” means questions asked or requests are viewed as opportunities to provide the support and helpful information needed to get you an optimal price and level of coverage. You won’t be pressured, have information withheld, or only be told the most enticing details.


Filing a claim is easy. When you sign up, CARCHEX will give you a card and packet containing plan info. If you run into vehicle problems, simply show your card to a facility or dealership and they’ll deal with the charges with the administrator. Claims are paid to the shop or dealership, preventing large out-of-pocket expenses. For plans where the repair facility files claims, if someone forgets to file, there is a department to contact directly to make sure claims are completed.


Contrary to what many believe, CARCHEX is a broker, meaning it doesn’t administer or offer its own warranties. Instead, the company acts as an intermediary that focuses on sales and customer service and works with experienced administrators like Royal, American Auto Shield, and Allegiance, who provide the vehicle service contract and pay claims.

CARCHEX allows flexible repair shop options.
You willl have the decision to choose from 30,000 repair shops so you can have your car serviced by a mechanic you trust.
How Does CARCHEX Work?

Administered by multiple top-rated providers, CARCHEX-brokered warranties protect you from unanticipated vehicle expenses resulting from mechanical breakdown. Since these providers are insured, you wont be at risk because they’ll have money to fulfill claims.

These partners provide dependable service, with the product being further improved because they compete for your business. Because claims processing is administrator-dependent, there are downsides due to inconsistency, as some laud the rapid service while others complain about wait times.

CARCHEX Car Warranty Repairs

You can choose from any of 30,000 ASE certified repair facilities in the US. Because terms vary, call or visit the company website or mobile app to make sure any shop in question is authorized before taking your vehicle. To prove your vehicle has been maintained per manufacturer guidelines, keep service records.

How To File A Claim With CARCHEX

Follow these steps:

  • Confirm the repair is covered by your contract.
  • File a claim via phone or web portal.
  • CARCHEX processes your claim and answers questions. If 100+ miles away, you’re eligible for trip interruption.
  • Take your vehicle a certified repair shop and authorize them to perform diagnosis.
  • Have the facility contact the provider for approval.
  • After fixing your vehicle is complete, the shop should have received an authorization number.
  • CARCHEX pays the shop directly, preventing exorbitant out-of-pocket costs.
Most Comprehensive
$97 – $130
Typical Deposit
#1 Service
$150 – $187
Typical Deposit
#1 Value
$85 – $130
Typical Deposit
Along with this provider, Endurance and Protect My Car are among the leading aftermarket extended warranty companies. Go to the links above for a quote from any of the providers.

CARCHEX Cancellation

You can receive a full refund if you cancel within 30 days and a prorated refund if you cancel after that. Make sure both methods are in the contract before signing to ensure you’re eligible for a refund.

How To Cancel A CARCHEX Warranty

To cancel, you must contact customer service and submit a cancellation request. This must be completed 30 days after you sign your service contract for a full refund. After that, the refunds are prorated.

Transferring A CARCHEX Protection Plan

All contracts are transferrable. If you sell your vehicle while under coverage, this can increase your vehicle’s value. There’s an administrative fee for transferring coverage. If you don’t transfer, you can always cancel for a prorated refund.

CARCHEX Customer Reviews

This business differentiates itself because it has an excellent standing among customers. They also manage negative complaints exceptionally well and has an unparalleled 99.99% online customer satisfaction rate as a result.

CARCHEX Logo With "Get Protected" slogan.


Below are scores from several platforms:

  • Better Business Bureau: 2.18 out of 5;
  • Consumer Affairs: 4.1 out of 5;
  • Consumer Advocate: 4.6 out of 5.0;
  • Google: 4.1 out of 5.0 ;
  • Shopper Approved: 4.5 out of 5.0 (72% were 5/5);
  • Thoroughly Reviewed: Received a 10/10;
  • Yelp: 3 out of 5 ;
Positive Customer Reviews on CARCHEX

Compared to other companies, many are satisfied with pricing, business processes, and transparency. CARCHEX stands out with comments regarding claims, as people feel happy about having more of a say over their options with less sales pressure.

Below are some positive comments on BBB:

I had a great experience with Carchex. The salesman Omar was very thorough when it came to explaining the coverage of the warranty. Great customer service. He even made sure that I understood all of the procedures. I originally checked with other warranty brands, but Carchex appears to be the best for me. I will be referring friends over to this company for warranties.

-Jazz H. via BBB

Very pleasant representatives. Working with the customer, they willing to negotiate price to make sure payments fit in your budget.

-Ivett B. Via BBB
CARCHEX plans cover luxury vehicles.
Options are available that meet the needs of even the newest, most expensive cars. CARCHEX has long been a forerunner in this area.
CARCHEX Warranty Complaints

Several have issued CARCHEX complaints regarding refund policy and bad service during the claims process. While this warrants concern, it doesn’t mean there is a CARCHEX scam or need to write a “CARCHEX ripoff report”. The company gets less complaints than other providers overall. Also, many complaints are a result of customers who fail to understand their coverage and interpret claims denials as poor service.

Below are some customer complaints:

I had a $100.00 Ded. on my Carchex contract. Had a breakdown, The repair was $4,500.00. They denied my claim. After six weeks of fighting with them they paid a portion of it. I had to pay over $2,600.00. Anybody that gives Carchex any money will be sorry they ever heard of them.

-Robert U. via BBB

I am not happy with there company I requested a cancelation and refund. They processed the cancelation over the phone then began telling me that they can’t control ******* and I would have to mail in a letter to request a refund. They got some vary sketchy business practices and there emails show up under my spam I my email. They are not reputable at all and don’t understand how they are still operating

-Arturo L. via BBB.


CARCHEX has an A+ rating from the BBB and has been accredited with the organization since 2009. While not scoring as well with customers as other businesses, they have the highest BBB rating of any warranty company. In fact, they are the only company in our top 5 rankings with accreditation and an A+.

CARCHEX Industry Ratings

CARCHEX regularly gets top assessments and partners with industry experts, including CARFAX, Edmunds.com, Repair Pal, Kelly Blue Book, SiriusXM and, Autoblog, and MotorWeek’s Pat Gross.

In the media, the company has been given 5 stars by Top Consumer Reviews for 6 consecutive years and was Thoroughly Reviewed‘s 2017 top pick. Additionally, the Golden Bridge Awards gave them “Silver Status” for 3 consecutive years. They also won Best Choice Award by BestReviewsHub.com for 4 consecutive years.

CARCHEX extended auto warranties save you money on expensive repairs.
Common repair costs range from several 100s to 1,000’s of dollars. Extended auto warranties help to spread out these expenses.

CARCHEX Extended Warranty Reviews

We rate CARCHEX 5.0 out of 5.0 stars with the distinction of Best Warranty for Used Cars and recognize it for Best Customer Service. CARCHEX offers more choices and gives consumers more of a say regarding coverage, making it one of the best vehicle protection companies.

CARCHEX Car Warranty Reviews

Along with having the best customer experience and best coverage for used cars, CARCHEX is affordable, straightforward, and backed by dependable administrators. With coverage to suit every vehicle, car owners seeking any coverage level can find a contract that meets their needs.

In comparison with others, CARCHEX is one of the most experienced companies out there. With numerous accolades, partnerships, and an unmatched reputation, they are arguably the most reputable provider. Another domain where the company stands out is the consultative nature of their quote process, as they focus on helping potential clients get the best warranty instead of pressuring them.

CARCHEX Rating: 5.0 Stars

CARCHEX is an excellent decision for those seeking coverage, as they consistently offer competitive rates, quality coverage, flexible terms, and great service.

Pros and Cons


  • Respected company with long history.
  • Included Benefits
  • Affordable and solid coverage.
  • Plans available for up to 10 years/250,000 miles.
  • Choose from 30,000 authorized repair shops.
  • Exceptional service, pressure-free sales.


  • Service varies by administrator.
  • Cannot renew some policies.
  • *Coverage of electronic components could improve.
  • No motorcycle or RV coverage.
  • No coverage for exotic cars.
  • Doesn’t cover maintenance items.

www.carchex.com Reviews

With an excellent online reputation, it’s not surprising CARCHEX is a desirable provider. One thing that separates the company from competitors is transparency, as you can find sample contracts on the website detailing every component covered without details being withheld. With 20 policy options and additional riders to the policy, things can seem complicated. The resources on the company website or email help simply things, as the configurator can narrow the selection for your vehicle, allowing you to handle your account and make any change instantly.


Is CARCHEX Reliable?

Yes, CARCHEX is a legitimate provider with an excellent reputation for reliability. CARCHEX has independent certifications and registrations with many states.

Is CARCHEX A Good Extended Warranty?

If you are searching for a trustworthy extended warranty provider that offers comprehensive protection, we highly recommend this company. With its notable partnerships, BBB accreditation, and a score of 5.0 out of 5.0 stars, CARCHEX protects you from unforeseen vehicle expenses and puts customer experience first.

Is CARCHEX Worth It?

CARCHEX is certainly worthwhile for those seeking the peace of mind of knowing unexpected repairs are covered. If you are looking to purchase coverage, you should consider this business. While newer cars benefit less, the company saves $1,000’s for owners of older vehicles with increased mileage.

CARCHEX "Roadside" logo


Below is a recap of this article:

  • Review: 5.0/5.0 stars
  • Best For: High-mileage/Used
  • Service: Motto of “Customer Experience Above All,” and its no-haggling policy reflect customer service commitment.
  • Refund Policy:  30 day money-back guarantee; prorated after that.
  • Add-ons:  All plans include 24/7 roadside assistance, towing, gasoline delivery, trip interruption services, and rental car reimbursement.
  • Mailing Address: 118 Shawan Road, Suite 210, Baltimore, MD 21030.
  • Free Expert Advice: Free consultations from experts. Visit here for a personalized quote or speak to a salesperson at (866) 736-4303. You can also email the company.