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Our research showed this company to be the best overall, due to its service and customer satisfaction.
Our Rating: Best Overall Pick

In this Car Warranty Endurance review, we’ll look at Endurance warranty prices, coverage, plans, and many more specifics about Endurance Car Warranties.

Is an Endurance warranty worth it? This review contains pertinent Endurance warranty information including Endurance warranty plans, Endurance warranty costs and more.

If you are considering an Endurance warranty and wondering if it is worth the cost, our review team is here to help. We compiled coverage and cost data, as well as some Endurance reviews to give you a better understanding of what Endurance offers and how the company compares to other extended warranty providers.

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Endurance Warranty Information

To make sure you are getting the right warranty coverage at the best price, get a free quote on the Endurance website or call (877) 374-1840.

How Good Is Endurance Warranty?

Below are our key take-aways and pros and cons for Endurance car warranties. For our full review and recommendations, read on!

Key Takeaway

One of the biggest features of Endurance is its coverage options for older vehicles. Depending on the plan, coverage is available for cars up to 20 years old. Additionally, the provider places a focus on customer satisfaction with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Endurance Warranty Pros and Cons
  • Coverage available for up to 15 years/200,000 miles
  • Direct broker of contracts
  • Includes one free year of Endurance Elite Membership benefits


  • The claims process can be difficult
  • Long waiting periods for some plans

Endurance Warranty Company Overview

Endurance Warranty Services, LLC is an extended warranty provider headquartered in Northbrook, IL. Since it was founded in 2006, the warranty provider has offered a range of plans that provide basic to comprehensive coverage for most cars.

Who Is Endurance Warranty Services?

Unlike most extended car warranty companies, which partner with other companies to fulfill contracts, Endurance manages its own protection plans and claims directly.

To insure customer satisfaction, Endurace offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Policyholders also receive one free year of Endurance Elite Membership, which includes benefits such as tire repairs and replacements, key fob replacements, and more.

While Endurance is currently not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), it holds a C rating from the BBB.

Endurance Warranty Coverage

Endurance offers 6 vehicle protection plans, each of which are designed to fit different customers needs.

The coverage provided by Endurance depends on your particular contract. Example contracts are provided online by the provider. When reading the contracts, the “exclusions” section will show what is not covered in the contract.

What Does Endurance Warranty Cover?

With that said, all Endurance coverage plans cover catastrophic engine failures. The inclusionary plans offered by Endurance, which include Secure, Select Premier, and Superior, cover what is listed in the plans. On the other hand, Supreme, Secure Plus, and Advantage are exclusionary plans, meaning the plan covers all items except what is listed. In general, it is very difficult to compare inclusionary and exclusionary plans.

Endurance Warranty Plans

Below are descriptions for each Endurance vehicle protection plan:

  • Endurance Secure: The Secure plan is the most affordable and is created to focus solely on covering only the most vital parts and expensive parts.of your vehicle to repair. For Endurance it is really the bottom of the barrel and only covers the bare minimum of systems and components. As the most basic auto warranty offered by Endurance, Secure only covers the parts of the powertrain, which include the engine, transmission, and drivetrain. Like all endurance plans, this plan comes with 24/7 roadside assistance. This plan also comes with a the option of a disappearing deductible, which is a deductible that shrinks the longer you go without filing a claim, Endurance secure is a good option for drivers who want peace of mind in case a major vehicle system needs repairs with its value being dubious at best for othersβ‰₯. Items covered: engine, drive axles and assembly, transmission, transfer units, turbocharger and supercharger, seals and gaskets.
  • Endurance Secure Plus: This plan provides powertrain plus protection at a lower price point. With a waiting period of only 30 days and 1,000 miles, this mid-level warranty also has the shortest wait period of all Endurance plans. The Secure Plus plan is well suited for someone who is looking for a bit more than just the basic powertrain coverage that the Secure plan provides. The plans major areas of coverage include steering, brakes, and electrical system. Overall, this plan covers engines, brakes, transmission, air conditioner, steering, and electrical components.
  • Endurance Select Premier: The Select Premier plan is designed to provide coverage for vital components in vehicles with up to 150,000 miles or are up to 20 years old. Although brakes and suspension are not included, this plan has a relatively comprehensive exclusion list and comes with 24/7 roadside assistance and rental car reimbursements. With its focus being primarily on powertrain protection, this plan is best for high mileage vehicles that are worth presumably less. Covered components include cooling systems, air conditioners, drive axles, engine, transfer units, fuel systems, transmissions, heating, electrical components, luxury electrical (mostly power windows) and seals and gaskets.
  • Endurance Superior: The Superior plan is a high-tier stated-component plan that offers comprehensive coverage for most components in a vehicle. Covering nearly every part of the vehicle, plan includes hundreds of parts and, systems. Covered parts include the engine, transmission, drive axle assembly, turbocharger and supercharger, transfer unit, front and rear suspensions steering, electrical component, air conditioning, fuel system, cooling system, and seals and gaskets.
  • Endurance Supreme: The Supreme plan is an exclusionary plan that gives drivers bumper-to-bumper coverage similar to a manufacturer’s factory warranty. The plan covers all parts and components of your vehicle except those listed on the page long stated exclusions and provides the most comprehensive coverage of any Endurance plan. Excluded part include the safety restraint system, glass, LED lights, light bulbs, battery, high tech items (which can be purchased as an add-on), and cosmetic parts. Covered parts include air conditioners, cooling systems, transfer unites, drive axles, electrical components, fuel systems, gaskets, transmissions, brakes, engines, front and rear suspensions, and everything else not specifically excluded.
  • EnduranceAdvantageβ„’: The Advantage plan is unique because it covers not only mechanical breakdowns but also offers coverage for maintenance, which is unusual among extended warranties. The covered routine maintenance includes things like oil and filter changes, engine diagnostics, brake pad replacements, wiper blade replacements, and tire changes. The plan has three levels of coverage – Prime (mirrors Select Premier Plan), Plus (mirrors the Superior Plan), and Preferred (coverage mirrors the Supreme Plan) – all of which include high-level stated-component coverage. For the three plans the cost of coverage goes up with the plans. The main difference for advantage plans versus other endurance plans is advantage plans include coverage for some maintenance part(s). All advantage plans include:
    • Manufacturer’s Recommended Service Intervals: Three intervals total; Up to $25 toward first recommended service visit, up to $45 for second recommended service visit; up to $65 for third recommended service visit.
    • Yearly Services: Up to $45 towards hand-held computer diagnostic exam, up to $25 toward alignment check, up to $25 dollar toward State-required safety inspection. Each service is limited to once per year.
    • Yearly Tire Rotation: Up to $35 toward annual tire rotation and tire pressure check.
    • Yearly Oil and Filter Changes: Up to $50 per oil and filter change, max 3 per year.
    • Brake Pads/Shoes: $140 towards replacing brake pads and/or shoes when they deteriorate beyond OEM tolerance levels. Usage of this benefit is limited to once during the life of the contract.
    • Cooling System Maintenance (and lubrication): Provides up to $55 toward cooling system maintenance and lubrication services, including a drain/refill, pressure check, inspection of belts, clamps, hoses, and lubrication chassis.
    • Battery: Up to $100 toward replacing a failed battery that has deteriorated beyond specified OEM tolerance levels. Usage of this benefit is limited to once per contract.
    • Wiper Blades: Up to $20 to replace one set of front windshield wipers that have deteriorated beyond specified OEM tolerance levels. Usage of this benefit is limited to once per the entire length of contract.

Here’s a breakdown of the first five plans:

Secure PlanSecure Plus PlanSelect Premier PlanSuperior PlanSupreme Plan
Drive Axleβœ“βœ“βœ“βœ“βœ“
Transfer Caseβœ“βœ“βœ“βœ“βœ“
Air Conditioningβœ“βœ“βœ“βœ“
Cooling Systemβœ“βœ“βœ“
Electrical Conponentsβœ“βœ“βœ“βœ“

Add-Ons To Endurance Extended Warranty Plans

Endurance has additional coverage when it comes to hybrid components, commercial use, lift modified components, and high-tech components. These add-ons can be purchased with any of the six warranty plans listed above.

Endurance Warranty Exclusions

While Endurance has comprehensive warranty options, there are a few exclusions that are common in the industry:

  • Routine maintenance, which includes services such as tire rotations, oil changes, and the like
  • Wear and tear of any parts that are expected to wear out through regular use, such as wiper blades and light bulbs.
  • Damages caused by a lack of routine maintenance, pre-existing conditions, acts of nature, theft, vandalism, or falling objects

To see what is excluded in your contract, make sure to read the fine print. You can also reach out to the company for a sample contract if you are still not sure that Endurance is right for you.

Endurance Warranty Roadside Assistance And Other Extra Benefits

All Endurance warranty contracts come with benefits such as:

  • 24/7 roadside assistance, which includes jumping your battery, providing towing service, delivering fuel and parts, changing a flat tire with a spare, unlocking your car, and more
  • Substitute transportation, which provides rental car reimbursement or covers the fees of alternate public transportation while your car is being repaired at a licensed auto repair facility
  • Trip interruption, which reimburses you for food and lodging if your car breaks down more than 100 miles from home

Endurance Elite Membership

With the purchase of any Endurance warranty plan, the policyholder receives one free year of Endurance Elite Membership, which includes:

  • Membership rewards
  • Key fob replacement
  • ID theft protection
  • Tire replacements and repairs
  • Endurance Protection app
  • A $250 voucher to select restaurants and movie theaters

Endurance Used Car Warranty

For a used car warranty or an extended warranty on older vehicles and vehicles with high mileage, we recommend the Select Premier plan, as it provides solid coverage on important components for vehicles with up to 150k miles.

Endurance Bumper To Bumper Warranty

If you want an industry standard bumper to bumper warranty, we recommend Endurance supreme, as it has exclusionary coverage that mimics the manufacturer new car warranty. This is one of the top warranty plans on the market.

Endurance Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

If you are interested in Endurance Mechanical breakdown insurance, you should look into the Advantage plan, as it covers the costs of mechanical breakdowns. There are three different levels of coverage to choose from if you are interested in this plan.

Endurance Warranty Repair Shops

You can use your Endurance extended warranty coverage at any repair shop in the United States that is ASE certified. Also, you won’t have to wait for reimbursements with Endurance, as repairs are set up directly through the provider and your repair shop

Endurance Warranty Cost

The cost of an extended auto warranty varies based on personal information such as your location, vehicle, mileage and more. Endurance offers warranty periods of 12, 18, or 24 months. Below is the cost breakdowns conducted by our staff:

Average Endurance Warranty Cost

Generally, the cost of an Endurance contract ranges from $70 – $130 per month, with a down payment of around $200. Because pricing is different from one person to the next, it’s best to get a few quotes for yourself. 

Endurance Warranty Annual Cost

An Endurance extended warranty costs between $350 and $700 annually, depending on your plan type and how long your warranty period is. This annual cost is an extremely good deal compared to the average yearly cost of car maintenance.

Endurance Warranty Cost Per Month

With basic plans starting as low as $30 per month, Endurance extended warranty plans range between $70 and $130 per month. In our research, we got several quotes between $70 and $75. You can also expect to pay a down payment of about $150 to $190.

Endurance Warranty Deductible

Endurance offers deductible options of $200, $100, $50, and $0. Generally, lower deductible plans have higher premiums.

Our research showed this company to be the best overall, due to its service and customer satisfaction.
Our Rating: Best Overall Pick

Endurance Car Warranty Reviews

We rated Endurance warranty a 5.0 out of 5.0 stars, as the best extended warranty is provided by Endurance. We recommend this provider to anyone looking for reliable and comprehensive vehicle protection coverage. Endurance stands out because it is a direct provider, which is not common for independent warranty companies.

Endurance Ratings

If you’re still not convinced, here is a recap of some of the things that make Endurance unique:

  • Our star rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars
  • Best for: Drivers looking for reliable coverage
  • Claim payments: Claims are made directly to the repair shop, so you are only required to pay the deductible. You won’t have to pay upfront and wait for reimbursement.
  • Warranty cost: Endurance plans are an average cost when compared to other warranty providers, but vary based on individual factors like mileage and age of the vehicle. Endurance customers generally pay a $100 deductible for repairs.
  • 30-day refund period: You have 30 days after purchasing your contract to review the details and decide whether or not you want to keep it. If you decide you don’t want your Endurance warranty, call the customer service line to cancel for a full refund.
  • Endurance Elite Membership: This complimentary one-year membership comes with any service contract from Endurance. It features many useful perks, such as a Tile Locator that attaches to your keys and connects with your phone. This allows you to locate your keys if you misplace them. The membership also includes key fob and tire replacement and identity theft recovery services.
  • 24/7 roadside assistance: Roadside assistance is included in the Endurance Elite Membership and can be used once every 72 hours.
  • Towing service: Towing within 25 miles is completely covered.
  • Customer service: The helpful and friendly customer service is mentioned often in customer reviews. Many reviews explain how a customer service representative was able to fix the customer’s problems by going above and beyond.
  • Transferability: Most contracts can be transferred to a new owner with a $50 fee.
  • Free quote: Customers can get a free quote from Endurance online and by calling the Endurance Car Warranty phone number at (877) 374-1840.

Endurance.com Reviews

One of the easiest ways to get a quote, handle claims, or cancel a policy is to use Endurance website. One of the reasons the company’s processes and customer service is so highly rated is because of the seamless customer experience on the website. Below are reviews relating to endurance.com, including quotes, claims, and cancellation.

Endurance Car Warranty Quote

Get a free, personalized quote by visiting Endurance or calling (877) 374-1840. The extended warranty provider offers flexible monthly payment plans and a 30-day money-back guarantee in case of cancellation.

Endurance Warranty Claims Reviews

There is nothing worse than having to jump through various hoops and dig through contracts that are unclear and sometimes dubious. If you prioritize a transparent, straightforward claims process, an Endurance extended warranty may be for you.

Endurance Warranty Cancellation Policy

In case you want to cancel, Endurance offers a 30-day money back guarantee and generally has a flexible cancellation policy. This makes baking out of your plan convenient for those who experience buyers remorse within the first month of the plan.

Endurance Extended Warranty Reviews

Along with Endurance’s overall ratings and customer experience on the site and with representatives, we recommend Endurance vehicle service contracts because of the quality of the warranties themselves. Below are some reasons why.

How Does Endurance Warranty Work?

Because Endurance is a direct provider, the company itself is involved throughout the entire claims process. Without middlemen involved, there is a higher likelihood that you will experience superior customers service.

Is Endurance Warranty Worth It?

We recommend this provider to anyone looking for reliable and comprehensive vehicle protection coverage. Endurance stands out because it is a direct provider, which is not common for independent warranty companies.

Is Endurance Extended Warranty Good?

Overall, we highly recommend Endurance Extended Auto Warranties because the company has a wide range of service offerings, an expansive selection of exclusionary plans, great customer service and more. Endurance is our highest rated extended auto warranty company in 2021.

Endurance Reviews And Complaints

If you’re considering a company, it’s important to understand how actual customers feel about their experiences. We’ve summarized Endurance warranty reviews to help you with that.

On average, BBB customer ratings for the company land at just under 4 stars, which our researchers feel is fairly good for online reviews. Below are some high-level points on what Endurance customer reviews have to say:

Positive Endurance Car Warranty Reviews

  • Knowledgable customer service representatives who can answer questions in detail
  • Comprehensive service

“Very easy to sign up, very clear what you are getting. I enjoyed my experience and would recommend to anybody in the market for an extended warranty.”

-Tyler M. via BBB

Endurance Car Warranty Complaints

  • The cancellation process can be a headache
  • Initial marketing materials feel excessive
  • Issues with claim approvals

“I have had nothing but bad service. My auto body shop has been getting the run around, and really having a hard time to get a claim filed. He has given everything they asked for and they still [are] giving him a hard time. So now they refuse to deal with Endurance and that leaves me in a bind. I have paid a lot of money for this policy and now you won’t honor it. I am very disappointed and upset. I will never use Endurance again and I will spread the word [about] what a horrible company this is.

-Caroyln G. via BBB


Rated with 5 stars out of 5 stars, Endurance Car Warranties is one of the best providers in the market for aftermarket extended car warranties.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Below are some common frequently asked questions about Endurance Car Warranties.

How Much Does An Endurance Car Warranty Cost?

Endurance costs between $70-$130 per month.

Is An Endurance Warranty Worth It?

If you are interested in an extended warranty, Endurance is worth it because they are our best provider.

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