American Auto Shield: Reviews, Cost, & If It’s Worth It

American Auto Shield: Reviews, Cost, & If It’s Worth It

Supporting customers both on the road and off, American Auto Shield aims to provide financially secure services, reliable products, and in-house support and recommendations based on research, industry knowledge, and expertise. The coverage and claims service provider offers fully-insured and financially secure plans.
Key Takeaway

American Auto Shield provides numerous extended coverage plans, all of which include roadside assistance. The company uses in-house administration (including claim adjusters) and ASE Certified Technicians. The customer service is quick and reliable. The financially secure plans offer better age and mileage requirements than some of their competitors.


  • Live chat and customer service available 24/7 online or by phone
  • Long coverage plans (up to 25 years and 250,000 miles)
  • Coverage on motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATVs, and rideshare auto vehicles
  • Partners with charitable organizations
  • Access to licensed repair facilities across the U.S. and Canada


  • $75 towing fee
  • Low ratings, but responsive customer service
  • Only have physical offices in Colorado, Arizona, Florida, and Missouri

What to Know About American Auto Shield: Reviews, Cost, & If It’s Worth It

This company offers third-party administration and extended coverage on cars, motorcycles, ATVs, and dirt bikes. All service contracts include roadside assistance and can be transferred or cancelled within 30 days. You can purchase a Vehicle Service Contract at any time throughout the life of a vehicle.

  • Best for: Owners who wish to keep their vehicles for a long time or owners of the atypical vehicles like ATVs, off-road motorcycles, or dirt bikes.
  • Auto coverage: Six different contracts are available to vehicles up to 250,000 miles. Powertrain coverage is available on vehicles with 200,000–250,000 miles. Depending on the contract, you can choose customizable coverage.
  • Additional coverage: Direct-to-consumer extended coverage is available for motorcycles (unlimited miles, as well as vehicle rental and trip interruption reimbursement), ATVs (unlimited miles), and dirt bikes (unlimited miles).
  • Ride-for-share coverage: Not all companies offer this, but American Auto Shield provides coverage for ridesharing vehicles used for Uber, Lyft, or another “ride for hire” services.
  • Optional coverage: Depending on your plan, you can add optional coverage for navigation systems, LCD screens, rearview backup camera and sensors, air pumps, fuel temperature sensors, etc.
  • Claims payments: Made in three quick steps (by phone or online), American Auto Shield offers a fast and fair claims process. First, the claim is assigned to an adjuster, then it’s evaluated at the repair shop, and then it’s processed as part of the resolution. Simple as that. Claims can be submitted by either the policy holder or the repair facility.
  • Roadside assistance: Available 24/7, 365 days per year.
  • Reliable customer service: Live-chat is available 24/7, so you get answers fast and don’t have to wait for someone to answer the phone.
  • In-house claim administration: ASE Certified Adjusters are available in-house to assist with claims, so you don’t have to wait on third parties to process.
  • BBB Accredited: American Auto Shield has a B+ rating with more than 150 reviews on the Better Business Bureau.

Plans and Coverage

American Auto Shield offers extended coverage that extends the value of a vehicle and helps you maintain coverage after your manufacturer warranty expires.

Auto coverage

The Diamond plan focuses on parts and components, while Platinum and Deluxe plans focus on component coverage, with Platinum offering slightly more than Deluxe. PT Gold, PT Silver, and the Powertrain plans all focus on powertrain, with PT Gold offering the most coverage (including fuel system). The Powertrain plan offers slightly less coverage but higher maximum mileage.


90,000 miles, 9 model years


Up to 100,000 miles, 20 model years


Up to 150,000 miles, 20 model years

PT Gold

Up to 200,000 miles, 25 model years, Powertrain + Expanded

PT Silver

Up to 200,000 miles, 25 model years, Powertrain + Enhanced

Benefits for all of the above plans include roadside assistance, rental car services, and trip interruption reimbursement (if you’re 100+ miles from home and stuck in a repair facility overnight with an authorized mechanical breakdown or failure).

Luxury electronics (voice activation systems, integrated radios, etc.), emissions (intake air temperature sensor and oxygen sensor), and market labor rate ($100 maximum) can be added.

Motorcycle coverage

American Auto Shield offers two motorcycle plans: a Platinum, component-focused plan, or a Powertrain, essential plan. Both come with 2- to 4-year plans for unlimited miles, roadside assistance, potential for vehicle rental and trip interruption reimbursement, as well as optional coverage on luxury electronics (intercom and CB Radio, Cruise Control System, etc.). The Platinum plan offers more coverage than the Powertrain and includes electrical, steering, suspension, fuel delivery, gauges, and more.

American Auto Shield: Reviews, Cost, & If It’s Worth It Quick Facts

Company Name: American Auto Shield, LLC

Year Founded: 2002

Headquartered in: Lakewood, CO

BBB Accredited: Yes, since 2005

Partnerships/Endorsements: Backed by A.M. Best Company ‘A’ rated insurers.