Extended Car Warranty Reviews

We’ve reviewed the top extended warranty companies, comparing coverage terms, pricing, reputation, & other features — finding the best deal for your budget & needs. Also, unlike many extended auto warranty reviews that only provide reviews for third party extended warranty companies, this article also provides comprehensive reviews for every type of extended warranty for both new and used vehicles, allowing you to compare extended car warranties from every type of provider.

In addition to providing reviews for the most reputable extended car warranty companies, we also provide reviews for the top 10 extended warranties overall, the best extended warranties for newer cars (or cars still under factory warranty), and the best extended warranties for used cars. In each of these categories, we provide our expert picks for the aftermarket extended warranties and best factory backed extended warranties.

For those who want to learn more about how extended car warranties work, in addition to providing comprehensive reviews across all extended warranty categories, we’ve compiled a buyer’s guide that reviews the topics below:

  • What to look for in extended warranty plans and providers.
  • A comparison of manufacturer and third party extended warranty providers.
  • The pros and cons of extended warranties and the most appropriate time to purchase them.
  • Extended warranty costs and what affects the prices of coverage.
  • What extended warranties cover, what they don’t cover, and various types of coverage.

If you think you may need extra protection and are considering purchasing an extended car warranty, we hope our ratings and guide help you make an informed consumer decision so you can choose the best extended warranty that fits your needs.

Our extended car warranty reviews are conducted by domain experts with a deep understanding of the automotive industry. Reviewers at Compare Car Warranties are committed to scientific objectivity in order to provide consumers with the most unbiased information as possible. To learn my about our extended car warranty ratings process, you can read the “Methodology” section at the bottom of the page. 

Top 5 Car Warranty Companies

Based on research done by experts at Compare Car Warranties, the following list includes the best car warranty companies:

  • Endurance: Best extended car warranty company.
  • CARCHEX: Most plan options
  • CarShield: Best value extended car warranty.
  • Protect My Car: Best maintenance plan rewards program.
  • autopom!: Customer advocacy program provides smoothest claims process.
  • Concord: Most Flexible Payment options.

Company Top
Rating Customer Service Years in Business

#1: Endurance

Best Overall ★★★★★ A+ 15


Most Plan Options ★★★★★ A 22

#3: CarShield

Best Value ★★★★ B+ 16

#4: Protect My Car

Best Maintenance Rewards ★★★★ B+ 16

#5: autopom!

Best Claims Process ★★★★ A 11
Our picks for the best extended warranty companies include Endurance, CARCHEX, CarShield, and autopom!. The table above helps to compare extended car warranty companies. 

Best Extended Car Warranty Companies

Being the best extended car warranty company is different than simply offering one or more of the best extended car warranty plans. Making the list of best car warranty companies requires meeting the standard of a more all-around rating system of auto warranty services, including coverage plans, prices, customer service, and ease of use during the claims process (via an app or website self-service).

Qualities Of The Best Extended Car Warranty Companies

When comparing extended car warranty companies in order to decide on which provider to choose, below are some important factors to take into consideration:

  • Excellent Customer Service: Reputable extended warranty companies provide timely, respectful, and personable customer service, with customer service reps who are available when needed.
  • A Smooth Customer Experience: In addition to strong customer service, reputable extended warranty companies provide a great overall customer experience from end to end, which includes the sales process, the ability to make payments online, the ease of the claims process, and overall flexibility.
  • The Most Value:  The best extended warranty companies offer the best value, meaning you get the best coverage at the fairest price.
  • Positive Reviews From Real People: Platforms like the BBB, Trustpilot, Yelp, and Google provide transparent company reviews with scoring systems. Also, many users who are members of online communities like Reddit or specific auto forums trust reviews from members of their community. Positive reviews are an effective indicator of the customer service provided by service contract providers.
  • Favorable Third-Party Ratings: Look for companies that are accredited with the Better Business Bureau, especially ones with an A+ rating. Strong Better Business Bureau grades indicate effective communication, and timely problem solving when faced with difficult customer issues.
  • Transparency: Is the extended warranty company open and honest about what plans they offer and their exclusionary policies? A good indicator of whether or not a provider is transparent is whether or not you can find a sample contract on the provider’s website or via email. Along with readily available pricing and sample service contracts, reputable extended warranty companies have simple marketing that allows potential customers to easily understand what’s included in their offering of products. Also, providers that require an in-person visit are phone call for a quote are generally less transparent than those who provide quotes upfront through the internet.
  • Sound Financials: Some extended warranty companies hire underwriters to ensure that the company is able to make claims reimbursements payments when customers need them. Ratings of these underwriters by companies like AM best are a good way to check trustworthiness and financial soundness of extended warranty providers.
  • A Strong Industry Reputation: More specifically for the auto industry, strong ratings and endorsements from automotive experts and companies like CARFAX, Kelly Blue Book, and Edmunds show that an extended warranty company is well-respected within the industry. Partnerships with well-known auto brands and celebrities are also an indicator of trustworthiness.
  • Company History: In most cases, the most reputable extended warranty companies have a long history of providing quality service to their customers. While there are surely some quality young providers, the industry overall is a competitive environment with high turnover for companies with untrustworthy business practices or too many negative reviews.

Most Comprehensive

Typical Monthly Cost
$97 – $130
Typical Deposit

Best Service

Typical Monthly Cost
$150 – $187
Typical Deposit

Best Value

Typical Monthly Cost
$85 – $130
Typical Deposit

The Best Extended Auto Warranty Plans

When choosing the best extended warranty plans, the most important consideration should be your needs. Once that’s determined, you can do a car warranty comparison to find the best plan to fit your budget.

The Top 10 Extended Car Warranties

Below are our picks for the top 10 extended warranties.

Endurance offers four plans that range from basic to comprehensive. All contracts come with Endurance Elite Membership, which includes roadside assistance, tire replacement, key fob replacement, and other perks. Read full review.



Known for its customer service, CARCHEX offers flexibility, affordable payment options, and a variety of plans for cars of all ages. Its long list of partnerships and endorsements makes it a reliable choice. Read full review.

CarShield is a car warranty brokerage that works with several automotive service contract companies, allowing you to choose from several service plans. CarShield has contracts designed for new cars, high-mileage vehicles, and specialty vehicles such as motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles. Read full review.

Protect My Car offers service contracts for newer cars and also sells vehicle maintenance plans for older, high-mileage vehicles. Payoff terms as long 60 months make monthly payments low. Read full review.

Featured in several national news outlets, Concord Auto Protect offers 3 protection plans for almost any car. Contracts are transferable and generally last between 3–5 years in length. Read full review.

autopom! is named for what it strives to bring its customers: automotive peace of mind. This California-based company offers coverage for both new and used vehicles up to 20 years old and 200,000 miles in most states. Read full review.

Liberty Bell Auto Protect offers three warranty plans for vehicles up 140k miles. Considered a high-quality, affordable Vehicle Service Provider (VSP), they offer quick and reliable customer service. Read full review.

A direct provider of vehicle service contracts, Delta Auto Protect offers three coverage plans, a 30-day money-back guarantee on all contracts, and a Price Match Guarantee. Read full review.

Infinite Auto Protection offers three coverage levels and flexible options for auto repair facilities and payments. They boast a fast claims process and up to 60% dealer prices—price match guaranteed. Read full review.

AA Auto Protection is a broker that offers a variety of extended vehicle protection plans. Service contracts include 24/7 roadside assistance, live customer service, money-back guarantee, and a variety of coverage options. Read full review.

Provider of vehicle service contracts specializing in third-party administration, with a focus on claims, marketing solutions, product development, and research. Flexible vehicle requirements, optional protection plans, and 24/7 online customer service. Transferrable coverage available. Read full review.